A Quick Update

Things continue to go well here.

Job Wise, still with Rolls Royce, looking etremely likely to be taken on full term within the next few weeks, also sounds like I may be back offshore soon also as they require someone to go out to the Elgin Franklin to do a stock check soon. Medical and Survival here I come!

Still have to get round to getting home net access, it's on the back burner at the moment. Car MOT was more important. £350 of work needed to get it through.

Lovewise, things are still going well with Billy. We have our ups and downs, but then show me a couple that doesn't?

Housewise, STILL trying to get through that paper! Anyone got a welding torch? OK, a bit extreme I guess.

Fortunewise, had a bit of luck a while back just after my last update (I think) and anded up winning a £300 holiday at my local for winning the monthly Karaoke competition. As such, We'll be out of the country for a Fortnight as of Saturday having taken a well earned break to Gran Canaria. I can't wait!!!

Life is Good.
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Another update

Things are going bloody great at the moment.

New House is slowly getting into shape, am in the middle of stripping about 5 layers of wallpaper off my lobby walls at the moment. Boring, dull and tedious doesn't begin to describe how this is going.

Job wise. I quit my job on Wednesday last week. Following an accident at work where I banged my knee up really badly (to the point where I couldn't walk for a week) my supervisor started to get really ratty with me and basically advised my to find a new job or else. Else turned out to be any really bad job he could find. So having had enough I went looking for new work.

I started my new job on Thursday last week. I work for Rolls Royce now as a Storeman. Cleaner work, less pressure to do ridiculously long hours and better pay. Only there on a Temporary basis through an agency at the moment though by the looks of things they're looking to make the role permanent under a Rolls Royce contract if things work out.

Naturally, I really hope they do. Anywho, running out of time on this public PC (No home access yet unfortunately) so gotta go.
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6 More Months

For six months I have been wandering in the wilderness, now I shall return to civilisation.

Well, not exactly. I finally move into my own place tomorrow (As in Mine, Mine, All Mine Muahahahaha as opposed to renting) with Billy and high up there on the big list of priorities will be Broadband Internet access, meaning I can finally update this thing a lot more often.

In other news, I hate the flu. How can such a little bug knock you for six for a fortnight?!?

Work is Work. Nuff said.
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Another 6 months

More time has passed, I really must update this thing more regularly.

Unfortunately, not much has happened that would warrent an update.

Love wise, I'm still with Billy. Around 18 months now.

Work wise, I'm currently off injured. I crashed a forklift and split open my head. had to have 4 stitches put in. They get taken out on Wednesday.

Car Wise, I've still got the same one. One minor prang at a traffic lights. I stopped, the guy behind me, didn't. Got the damage fixed on the other guys insurance though so no big deal.

Future plans - I'm going to be out of the country for a week at the start of August. Making a trip south of the border to West Yorkshire to visit Billy's family.

Thats about it. Hopefully will update again soon.
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Quick Update


Almost a year since I last updated this thing. Mostly due to a serious lack of internet access capability during the meanwhile.

Anyway, what's been happening in my life?

Job : Have one. Have had one for the last 6 months. I'm working as a Valve Technician for a company in Dyce. Decent work. Decent Pay. Hey it covers the bills!

Car : New one. Repeat after me. Cars are meant to run on their wheels, not on their roof. Yep, I crashed my old car.

Home : In Aberdeen. I have my own place now living in Rosemount with Billy.

Gotta run now. Runnning out of time on this PC


Still with Billy, things are still good after 4 months. I'm Happy.

Other News

Work. Sleep. Work. Sleep. Work. Sleep.

Thats all folks.
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Some Tests

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